• Company’s Anniversary 1859 - 2009

    In 2009 Brink’s celebrates the 150-anniversary of its successful development and work.

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  • International transportation

    Secure transportation within Russia, CIS and worldwide.

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  • Domestic transportation

    Secure transportation within Russia. Our company is represented in 68 regions of Russian Federation.

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  • CIT

    CIT/ATM, money processing.

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Brink’s – your reliable partner in secure logistics worldwide.

Brink’s is the leading provider of secure logistics solutions on Russian market. It offers services of secure transportation of banknotes, coins, promissory notes, travelers’ cheques, precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones, jewellery, watches, art and other valuables.

With our long-term experience and expertise our market leading solutions can enhance the logistical efficiency of your business. We are eager to fully support our customers’ needs and offer an individual approach to specific customer requests.

Brink’s has vast experience of cooperation with leading Russian banks, miners and refineries, diamond and jewellery retailers and manufacturers.

We will provide you with the utmost quality services in the shortest possible time with integrated management at every level of the logistical process from pick-up to delivery and we will develop risk management solutions and security services that are tailored to your business requirements.


  • Responsibility

    Whatever you consider valuable, we consider valuable too. Brink’s is the only company on the Russian market that takes full responsibility for handling claims submitted and reimburses valid claims promptly.
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  • Experience

    150 years of experience in the sphere of valuable transportation helped us to develop effective procedures and processes in managing for our customers’ secure logistics solutions within the Russian Federation, CIS countries and all over the world.
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  • NBCO Brink’s

    NBCO Brink’s offers its customers wide range of services like CIT, ATM, Money processing.
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Brink’s express delivery system, competitive pricing policy and 24-hour monitoring of operations attract our clients, differentiate us from our competitors and make us a leader in secure logistics worldwide.

Secure Logistics. Worldwide.

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