International transportation

The goal of Brinks is to be the world leader in the safe transportation of goods. Our capabilities, experience, technology and well-deserved trust ensure the growth and success of the company.



Company Brinks is one of the world leaders in the field of logistics and safe transportation of valuable goods, including diamonds, jewelry, precious metals, securities, bills, and more. We undertake all risks during transport and handling of Your valuables from the moment of receipt until the moment of delivery.

We have rich positive experience of cooperation with world leading banks, mining and lapidary enterprises of the diamond complex, refineries, mining companies, jewelry companies, and companies involved in the sale of jewelry.

For more than 150 years, Brinks name is itself a guarantee for safety and security. In entire Brinks network you will find professionals with the best skills and experience necessary to protect Your values and integrity, which You would expect from a leading company for safe transport of valuable goods.

Our team provides quality services in any location worldwide. Trust Brinks. Rest assured.

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